Portable Reverse Osmosis System 50 GPD

Portable Reverse Osmosis System 50 GPD

This light and compact 3-Stage Portable-RO unit used to be specifically engineered to offer exceptional portability, convenience and ease of use. It hooks up to most existing standard faucet in seconds – no installation required! If you need an unlimited amount of bottled-water-quality water that you’ll be able to take with you anywhere, this is your dream system! Perfect for apartments, condominiums, motor homes, retirement homes and students. Provides protected drinking water with capacity up to 50 gallons per day (at 60 psi water pressure) to fill any water storage container you provide. Enjoy unlimited ultra-fresh, clean, great tasting water right at home for the most efficient quality water for cooking and making delicious coffee, tea & ice. Save money, time, and hassle of shopping for costly, heavy bottled water and live healthier with ultra-protected water that may be 99% contaminant free. System is designed to take away contaminants such as chlorine, taste, odor, toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, and chromium. 3 MAIN STAGES: First Stage: PP Filter- removes larger particles suspended in water Second Stage: Activated Carbon Filter- adjust the taste of treated water removing chlorine, odor, toxic fluoride, lead and plenty of other chemical compounds. Third Stage: NSF certified RO Membrane- High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane that removes bacteria, heavy metals, dissolved matter, and salinity. Package Contents: RO UNIT: 1pcs Drain Clamp: 1 pcs Feed Water Valve: 1pcs RO Membrane: 1 pcs Food Grade Tubing: 3pcs (Red, White and Blue) Housing Wrench: 1 pcs Tee Fitting: 1 pcs Clip: 3 pcs Manual: 1 pcs Technical Specifications: Pure Water Drift Rate: 0.13L/min Rejection Rate: 95%

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